Enjoy your stay! Reside in your luxurious hotel bed with crisp white organic cotton, browse
through our magazines and books as well as enjoy our room service: (h)honest dishes that are
to your bedside by our Rococo staff.


Plantation Rococo features 11 elegant rooms and suites in the main building.

These rooms feature beautiful views of the park and horses. The soaring ceilings and frayed-edge fireplaces in the room make you imagine yourself in a historic and architectural setting.

There are 5 spacious suites on the second floor. In addition, there are another 6 rooms on the
second floor. This floor is characterized by a wooden ceiling. The windows in the roof
give each room wonderful light. The 6 rooms on the second floor have
a rain shower and some rooms a shared toilet in the hallway

Check in and out

From 15:00 you are welcome to join us.
If you would like to go a little earlier, you can of course do so for €25.00 and then you can enter the room from 13:00.

Unfortunately, you will also leave us once again, and you can do so until 11:00 at the latest.
Now if you have a little trouble leaving us, you can also stay another hour and leave us at 12:00 for €25.00.


All the cotton and terry you will find in Plantation Rococo is made of 100% organic cotton and is pesticide free. All mattress pillows, quilts and lavender pillows are from Coco-mat. The brand has virtually a neutral carbon footprint and recycles nearly 96% of their materials. Sleep on nature! In addition, our laundry washes with organic soap. This all ensures that you sleep extra well.


In all suites, you will find care products from The|Tides. Unwind and relax by – for example – dipping your feet in a foot bath consisting of magnesium, Dutch seaweed (yes!) and sea salt.
Does this make you spontaneously crave a foot bath? You can borrow these from our reception desk.

We also sell a gift pack with three care products from this fine brand. Take a look at our shop!

Kids from Rococo

As it is a very noisy house we ask our guests to walk on slippers which we offer in the room. For the kids like slippers from home or warm socks.
If you are awake early you can play games and have a cup of tea downstairs ( down stairs by the toilets) in the blue kitchen.
Then the guests among you can sleep in.